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Knightsbridge, where the hustle and bustle of everyday life elegantly surrounds you

Knightsbridge is eponymous with everything luxury, from ultra-expensive residences (an apartment was recently sold for £65 million) to the finest shopping in London. Knightsbridge is situated almost in the very centre of London on the south side of Hyde Park. It's easy to get to all parts of London but you will find everything you could wish for right here including some of London’s finest restaurants and shopping, history and culture, attractions and entertainment.



Most of the transport in Chelsea converges at Sloane Square where there is an Underground station. From here you can reach any part of London by public transport. Buses and Taxis are also available here to most parts of London.

Knightsbridge is very central and very well serviced for public transport. There is fast access to the A4 which runs east to Heathrow airport and west into Piccadilly. There are plenty of buses and Underground stations to choose from for getting around the local area or wider London.

TAXIS: There are plenty of Taxis on the streets of Knightsbridge. There is a cab rank at the side of Harrods but you can catch a cab almost anywhere. When the light on the top of the cab is lit up, they have a fare, when the light is out you can hail a cab by simply holding your arm out on the side of the road.

UNDERGROUND: The west of the borough is serviced by South Kensington and Gloucester Road, centrally at Knightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner, Sloan Square in the South and Victoria and Green Park are not too far to the East. Journeys cost from £2.30 in Zone 1. Daily travel cards cost from £12 for zone 1. The more zones you travel through the higher the cost of tickets. Locals usually use pay as you go Oyster cards but recently it has become possible to simply present your contact-less debit card at the barriers and the system simply takes the cheapest fare possible straight out of your account - don’t forget to “tap out” or you will be charged for the highest fare possible.

BUSES: There are many buses travelling along High Street Kensington and the A4. Route maps are available at the bus stops indicating which number bus you will need to take for your journey.

NATIONAL RAIL: The closest National Rail station is Victoria where you can pick up trains to destinations all over the south of England. If you are coming or going from the north you can get an Underground to Kings Cross St Pancras, Liverpool Street, Euston, and Paddington.

BY CAR: Knightsbridge is situated close to the A4, the main artery into central London from Heathrow Airport. The A4 is the best way to get out to the motorways going in all directions. Knightsbridge is inside the congestion charging zone. Register on the tfl website HERE for auto pay or make one off payments, charges start at £10.50 on the day for auto pay or £14 if you pay online the following day.
Much of the parking in Knightsbridge is on the street and metered. You can also find NCP car parks at Kensington Town Hall on Hornton Street or Union Car Parks on Queens Gate near South Kensington Underground.


Once described as ‘a village a little east of Kensington’ and ‘quite out of London’, Knightsbridge claims a colourful history of quite an unsavoury nature; where the highwaymen were in league with the local Inn Keepers and the village stocks were in use till the early 1800’s.

We believe that in the time of King Edward the Confessor ‘Kyngesburig’ as it was known was considered ‘no man’s land’ as it was a piece of land situated between Kensington, Chelsea and Charing, but in time became known as ‘Knightsbridge’.

Owned at the time by the Abbey of Westminster, when handed down through time to Mary Davis (only daughter and heiress of Alexander Davis), married one Sir Thomas Grosvenor in 1676.  Today her lineal descendants are the present Duke of Westminster and Lord Ebury.

Life in Knightsbridge

Having the world’s most famous store as your ‘corner shop’ brings a sense of purpose to Knightsbridge, where the hustle and bustle of everyday life elegantly surrounds you.  Visiting the exclusive boutiques and French cafés secreted away in the delightful mews becomes a daily pilgrimage.  Children are at ease as families venture to Hyde Park just a few moments away.

What is myth to some, for you is a reality.